If your company requires facility cleaning and support services, TEAM Group has the answer. Our customers, both large and small, operate in varied industries and we are experts at creating scalable, adaptable solutions. The TEAM Group Operating System is tailored to meet your needs while adhering to our Key Performance Indicators of Safety Expertise, Cost Improvements, Quality Focus, Solutions Flexibility, Morale and Attitude, Environmental and Regulatory Compliance.

Advanced Factory Cleaning

TEAM Group provide facility cleaning and support services to highly technical and secure industries such as Aerospace and Defense. Our skilled workforce, technical equipment and key expertise provide an integrated solution to your facility cleaning requirements.

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Manufacturing Cleaning

TEAM Group provides a full range of on-site cleaning services and routine maintenance for many OEM facilities. We provide world-class paint facility cleaning and validation services in addition to integrated full-service paint line system management programs.

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Industrial Cleaning Services

TEAM Group is a leader in cleaning technology for a wide array of Industrial Cleaning Services.

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Hospital Cleaning

In the highly delicate cleaning and validation activities of maintaining standards for the Medical and medical-related industries, TEAM Group is a global supplier of technical cleaning services targeting customers with a need for a quality end result with regulatory compliance. This focus is achieved in the provision of Clean Room cleaning and validation, and performance of non-core support services.

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HACCP Plan Support

With today's increased concern over food safety issues, TEAM Group has responded with a full service validation management system.

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Facility Services

TEAM Group provides a wholly integrated approach to address all your facility service concerns.

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