Paint Facility Cleaning

Paint Coatings

Understanding the complexities of today's Paint Line Systems is where TEAM Group excels. We have the unique capability of being able to offer a complete systems-solution from ground-up construction to on-going systems management. We offer Defect Analysis support that will maintain your Paint Line System and aid you in your efforts to reach your desired level of defect-reduction.

Using our skills and expertise, we will agree a quality standard to deliver the optimum performance, safely and cost-effectively. The performance is measured and reported out to you, real-time, using the standard Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of our well-proven TEAM Group Operating System. We constantly monitor and propose Continuous Improvement Programs (CIPs) to support your efforts to maximize efficiencies and reduce costs.

Paint and Coating Line Services
Construction -Paint Line System construction safety

Deep clean - from the rafters to the sub-floors inclusive, of the process equipment, a thorough cleaning of each area of the Paint Line System is completed after construction is finished and prior to running of test production samples

Maintenance - on-going maintenance of the coating or paint line booths, conveyor system, and robots

Defect analysis - solutions driven analysis targeting root-cause contamination. Utilizing TEAM Group's proprietary software and microscopic techniques to improve paint production performance

Airflow and Filter management - analysis of airflow and filter system to determine the optimum timing of filter changing and replacement of filters to maintain quality standards and minimizing waste.

Spray Booths & Robotics Cleaning
Scheduled cleaning and maintenance of the spray booths and robotics system in the paint and coating system

Prop Tool, Jig and Tooling Management
Chemical Stripping

Pressure Washing and Water Blasting
On-site or off-site cleaning of your prop-tools, skids, fixtures and jigs UHP cleaning of structural steel during shutdown activities and UHP cleaning of overhead areas within a facility that need a clean down to bare metal applications

Sludge Water System Cleaning and Maintaining
Removal and cleaning of sludge and maintenance of sludge system

Exhaust Systems
Preventative maintenance of exhaust systems to maintain optimum output, quality and environmental standards

Waste Management
Separation of hazardous and non-hazardous materials and transportation services recycling of re-usable materials and reduction of waste